Tricks dog and cat food brands use:

Tricks dog and cat food brands use:

It’s easy to get swamped by all of the choices of dog and cat foods when walking down an aisle in the supermarket. The list of brand names as well as store brands of pet foods is enormous, and they all claim that they will offer dogs and cats that unique blend of ingredients to promote things like a healthy coat, clean teeth, or added energy. The thing that isn’t always clear though, is what the brand is using as filler in order to take up space in the food selection, and exactly what some of those fillers actually mean. This is where knowledge about the products becomes very important.

One of the biggest scams that some pet food companies use is flavoring. When selling a product, some pet food companies say that their particular blend of food is “chicken”, but if you look closer, there may not actually be any chicken in the food. This is where flavoring comes into play, where when the fine print is examined, it is discovered that the food is actually chicken flavored. This isn’t giving the dog/cat friends everything that they are looking for, and while it may taste good in the moment, it doesn’t promote good health. It’s like feeding your cat or dog junk food. They get the food their bodies need but NO nutrition. So next time you buy dog or cat food, whether it’s canned or dry food educate yourself by reading this:

Unhealthy Dog and Cat Food Ingredients: There are some really bad ingredients that find their way into dog and cat food, and if the consumer isn’t aware of exactly what this means, then it’s going to effect your pets health in the years to come. The problem is that some of them are flat out gross, and could be very bad for a dog or cat to eat:
  • Chicken By-Product Meal — This is the left over parts of the chicken that are ground up to be used as filler. This includes necks, feet, undeveloped eggs, and intestines. The bigger problem is that the by-products don’t have to necessarily come from healthy animals.
  • Corn Gluten (Meal) — Corn is often used as a filler to take up space because it is cheap. It however can cause allergies in dogs and cats, and owners may not even realize it. The better dog and cat foods do not contain large amounts of corn.
  • Ash — In a lot of wet dog and cat-foods ash is used as a filler to help fill up a can of food. The ash is exactly what it sounds like; burnt animal remains that wouldn’t be fit for human consumption, which are then mixed in with other ingredients to serve to your pets. Always make sure to check out the ash content in a can of dog and cat food. Don’t buy canned food contained ASH.
  • Wheat – Wheat is another allergen that finds its way into dog and cat foods, but which can cause health problems if it isn’t served up in extreme moderation.

The Worst Dog and Cat Food Ingredient:

Animal Digest is an ingredient that appears in some foods, and which is about as gross as it gets when it comes to a filler. Most pet owners aren’t aware of what animal digest might be, and gloss over it, not thinking how terrible it could be for their pets. Animal digest is best defined as a cooked-down broth of unspecified parts of unspecified animals. The list is extensive as to which animals can be included, but some of them are goats, pigs, rats, horses, euthanized animals from shelters, supermarket waste, and road kill.

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