Hello!  My name is Kathy.  I grew up in a small farm town in Minnesota and I love animals.   My mother would attest to that because she would say, ‘Kathy was always bringing animals home.” ……garter snakes in the cookie jar, kitties hidden under my bed, injured squirrels, abandoned birds and bunnies, and even turtles, salamanders and frogs.  She did not always appreciate the critters I brought home, but she and my dad did allow me and my sisters to have a toy terrier and horses.

I am retired from my career in Water Quality Management and recently returned to my beloved Colorado after living for six years in Puerto Rico.  I fulfilled my dream of living on an island, but missed the mountains, my family and all the adventures Colorado has to offer.  Living in Puerto Rico also meant living in a culture where animals are rarely seen as family members.  It broke my heart every day to see abandoned, abused and neglected animals.  I rescued Apache, a Rottweiler who had heart worm and was starving. I “fixed him up”, and we had almost six wonderful years together.  I still miss him and think of him often.

I used to live in an area in the mountains where people were known to dump their pets they no longer wanted.  One cold snowy night right before Thanksgiving, a tiny kitty showed up on our doorstep.  My two year old daughter loved the kitty and, after some fancy talking to my spouse who did not appreciate cats, Little Moon Cat joined our family.  He was very independent and adventuresome, yet laid back, friendly and very smart.  He must have gone through several lives and lived to be 20 years of age.  Other pets we had when my kids were growing up included dogs, a horse, a gerbil, fish and mallard ducks.  Animals are so interesting to hang out with, each has their own personality. I find it rewarding to care for them.

I have house/pet sat for friends and family.  I am a caring pet sitter and will make sure your pets are safe and comfortable in your absence.  I am experienced in caring for infirm animals.  I am a dependable, responsible adult and will respect your home as if it were my own.  I do not have an issue spending prolonged periods “at home”; I read, watch movies, crochet, do puzzles, and am exploring my artistic ability by learning to draw, sketch and use water color pencils.  I too have had to select pet and house sitters and understand the importance of finding a qualified person to trust in these instances.  No worries.

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