How it all got started

How it all got started

I had just moved to North Carolina from Germany and I didn’t know the area at all.   I was getting ready to take a trip but taking my dogs and cat were totally out of the question.  One of my dogs would rather jump out the car window than to sit quietly, so I ended up boarding them.

The result was that they all came back home with separation anxiety (and kennel cough). Who’s to blame them, in their minds they probably thought they’d never see me again after that experience!

The next time a trip came up, I vigorously searched the phone book for an alternative to boarding.  I found a pet sitting company and decided to try it out. When I returned home from this trip, my furry babies were very content and healthy!  And, the added bonus of knowing that my home was also looked after, sold me on pet sitting versus boarding.

I was so impressed with my pet sitting experience,  that when I moved to Colorado Springs in 1996,  I decided to go into the pet sitting business myself so I could offer this wonderful service to pet owners like me!

Little Paws Pet Sitting was born….!



My Philosophy

Animals have always been my passion. I’m the kind of person who’ll stop and pull the car over because there’s a stray dog on the side of the road or injured wildlife that needs rescuing. I have volunteered and fostered for All-Breed Rescue as well as 9-Lives Rescue. My house is like Noah’s Ark…:Three dogs, two cats, a bearded dragon and a bare-eyed cockatoo. Wild birds and squirrels also know where to find me when they’re ready for some yummy treats. I always go the extra mile to make sure all animals are taken care of.

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