I’ve always been passionate about animals and I love to work with them. I’ve been pet sitting for friends for years and now I’d like to pet sit for you! I currently volunteer as a Puppy Raiser with a Guide Dog organization that provides dogs free of charge to individuals with visual imparement. I work with a puppy from 8 weeks to 18 months old, preparing them for Guide Work with basic, specialized, and situational training. I’m happy to impart any dog wisdom if you ask! I’m comfortable working with large, strong dogs as well as small or inbetween! Big or small, I truly love them all! At home I have a cat named Raven who loves chin scratches and the cat grass I grow.
I’m punctual, organized, and I’d love to meet you and your fur family! When I visit your home you can expect text and photo updates, plenty of playtime and fun, and lots of love for your pet.
When I’m not working with animals you can find me backpacking on the Colorado Trail, tinkering with my vintage sewing machine, or curled up with a book.


Hello:)  My name is Suzie.  My dog and I are brand new transplants to the beautiful state of Colorado.  Besides owning dogs and cats most of my life, for the last two years I have been living in Dallas, TX, where I owned my own pet sitting and dog walking company.  The most difficult part of leaving Texas was having to say goodbye to all of my furry friends.  I have a beautiful 11 year old black lab named Buddy, who I adopted a year ago.  He owns my heart:)  Walking dogs and caring for animals is an absolute passion for me and I feel grateful for the opportunity to meet and care for your pets.
So what makes a Professional a Professional?

So what makes a Professional a Professional?

 From my perspective, and I will not hide any biases – from my perspective as a Professional Pet Sitter, the difference lays inherently in the experience and education. I’m not saying that X amount of years caring for pets means that you are a professional pet sitter – you can have 5 years experience in 5 weeks if you visit enough pets, it’s the experience you have been exposed to and if you have taken the time to always learn how to be the best. I would consider my staff professional pet sitters – while some of them have only been with me for 3 months, they have gone through extensive training and learned just about everything I know from the past 22 years of running Little Paws Pet Sitting. They have been educated and have been equipped with the tools to handle every situation, from human to pet. Having that access to that amount and quality of information, the brand, the direct connection to the person that makes the decisions or being that person that makes the final decision is what for me, denotes a professional. Who cares if a sit gets missed, an accident occurs or an emergency happens? An owner of a pet sitting company, whether solo or staffed to the 9’s does – it’s their life! How they have trained to handle the issue that occurred or put procedures in place for their staff to follow to make certain the number one priority is the client’s pet – makes that person a professional pet sitter in my book.

For now, no regulatory authority exists to determine if a person providing care for your pets is professional or not. Until then – as a pet owner, ask the right questions. Ask what experience that person has, ask what is their backup plan, ask what their emergency plan is, ask what education they have completed to make certain your pet is their number 1? They should be educated, possess current business licensure/permits, use a contract, provide background checks, and provide insurance.

A professional should go the extra mile, they should have every tool available in their tool box and they should have the experience of how to use them. AND they should physically be able to care for and help your pets!



Hello Pet Lovers.  My name is Christina. I am a long time Pet Lover from the small and furry to the large and hairy.  I have been a Veterinary Technician since 1991 and have enjoyed all aspects of pet care.  I am currently a stay at home caregiver for my elderly father.

My furry family includes 1 Shiba Inu and 1 domestic shorthair cat well as 2 pound puppy “Granddogs” and a Main Coon “Grandcat”. We enjoy spending time at Fountain Creek Regional park walking the dogs and meeting new friends. The cats and I spend our morning watching the birds at the birdfeeders and enjoying our morning caffeine (Well I enjoy mine, they just watch)

When I’m not caring for the people or the animals you will find me in the kitchen cooking for the masses.  I enjoy entertaining and I love to cook for big groups.

 I have been in the Colorado Springs/Fountain area since 1991 and love the area, I have been pet sitting since 1991 and enjoy being able to help people feel more comfortable when they must leave home without their furry loved ones.



My name is Julie and I am excited to be part of the Little Paws Pet Sitting team.

I have been around animals all of my life. As a child I had what my mom fondly called “a zoo”. Cats, a dog, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, turtles and small exotic birds. I could never get enough of my furry friends.

I grew up always wanting to work with animals. I have been a certified veterinary technician since 2010. At home I have multiple rescue cats and a German Shepherd named Razzmatazz. My mother and I live together and share the responsibility of taking care of all our animals.

I have experience in the veterinary field as well as house sitting and pet sitting throughout my life. I want you to feel comfortable leaving your fur babies and your home in my care. I will do my very best to make it an excellent experience for both you and your pets.



Hi there! I’m Diana, a Colorado transplant with a vast  military travel family prior to finding a home here in Colorado. I have a large family and a long history of pet care.

 I have been pet sitting and walking since 1987, when twin Great Danes came along and showed me my very first passion in life, caring for animals.  I have been the go to sitter for close friends and family and I wish to take it to the next level.
My schedule is open to you! Small, medium or large, fur or no fur, medication or treats, scales or talons,
365 days of the year.
I promise to love and care for your pet as I love and care for my own puffy white Pomeranian, Cooper.
Thank you for taking time to learn about me. I look forward to meeting all of you!


Hello everyone!

My name is Diane and I’m so excited to meet you and your fur babies!
I’ve grown up around all kinds of animals. We always had dogs and cats but also fish, birds, mice, and a squirrel here and there. I grew up on a farm as well for a few years with cows, goats, sheep, ducks, etc.
My family has always said I need to go into a field with animals because I’m so good with them. Sometimes my family and some friends would call me an animal whisperer. I’ve worked with strays, volunteered at an aquarium, pet sat neighbors animals, and so on.
Because of all this and my love and passion for animals I’m going to school to be a vet tech right now! So rest assured, your babies are in good hands!


Hello fellow animal lovers!  I’m Wendy.  I’ve lived in the Colorado Springs area for about 25 years.  I am a long-time wife to a loving husband, the mother of two beautiful (and grown) daughters, and even the grandmother of an energetic youngster (who affectionately calls me “meemaw”).

I was raised in rural New Hampshire, have two degrees claiming that I am a meteorologist by trade, am an Air Force veteran, have even worked as a computer system engineer, and am currently a junior high field hockey coach.  My biggest “job,” however, is as “CEO/CFO of my household.”

Through it all, there has always been at least one pet keeping me company.  Dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters…  even a couple of horses and a ferret.  I was raised thinking “a house isn’t a home without a pet,” and I still believe it.  Presently, there are two four-legged furry family members in my house.

I know from experience how stressful it can be to leave a pet behind – both for you and your pet.  I promise to give your pet the love and attention it deserves while you are away, and hopefully alleviate everyone’s stress in the process.

I am so happy I found little paws! We couldn’t take our two dogs on our trip, so I was looking around a lot. We do not have family around here, so I thought our only option was a kennel. I checked out all the kennels/daycare facilities around Colorado Springs, but I wasn’t happy about leaving my dogs there. They are very people oriented and the little one is a little timid when other dogs bark. At the kennels there was 24/7 barking. And not much human interaction. So then I came across Little Paws internet site and I immediately knew that that was the best option for us. The services they offer are great and our pet sitter did everything exactly as instructed. He also left notes about everyday which were very informative and nicely written. As hard as it was for us to leave our dogs behind, knowing they were in their familiar surrounding and had somebody come multiple times a day to feed them, play with them and give them attention, made everything so much better! Thank you so much!

Vanessa W., 80925

I have been using Little Paws Pet Sitting for over a year now on a regular basis and have had great service every time. Ulrike Rogers, the owner is always very helpful and responsive with any requests and questions. Our pet sitter that comes and watches my pets when I am away is also amazing, and I never have to worry about anything when I’m away. I highly recommend Little Paws Pet Sitting for anyone in need of this type of service.

Christine M., 80909